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Change Log 5/19/2022
Change Log 5/19/2022

New Updates to the Platform

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Change Log

  1. Removal of the automatic delivery fee feature

    1. The system will no longer automatically add a 50 delivery fee for orders created undera certain dollar amount.

  2. Scan-in History Redesign

    1. Scan-in History has been redesigned to allow for the saving of PO#’s with each item scanned in. This change will also make it easier to verify product invoices made by the manufacturers.

  3. Manual stops (time to complete field)

    1. This is a new field that will allow for the customising of completion time for manual stops. (other feature will follow to improve manual stops)

  4. Download and Print options for Delivered Items

    1. When viewing the delivered products on an order. You will now be able to download or print that information with one click.

  5. Recommended Price feature Improved

    1. When writing a quote for a customer the recommended price information will now be disguised with a hover-over feature. The recommended price will no longer show directly on the order for anyone to see. This will allow the salespeople to feel comfortable with the customer looking at the screen when pricing out different items.

  6. New Warranty rule.

    1. The system will now require you to enter a price for the item before a warranty can be added to that item. The warranty button will be unavailable if a price has not been entered.

  7. Instant rebate button moved

    1. The “Add+” instant rebate button on Quotes/Orders has been moved inside the payment methods popup menu. This change was due the similarity to the “add+ payment” button and the resulting confusion. Instant rebates can still created and managed in the instant rebate settings.

  8. Custom Notifications (Delete button)

    1. Custom notifications created by salespeople on orders can now be deleted if no longer needed.

  9. Returns UI improvements

    1. When an item is returned, that line item will now have a small badge that clearly labels the type of return processed for that item. This will allow the user to gather more information at a glance when inspecting a return.

  10. Inventory Adjustment controls

    1. The various inventory controls will now require you to enter a cost for any item being added to inventory that was not ordered naturally. Cost cannot be $0 unless excess items are scanned in. Those items will still need to be manually updated.

  11. Delivered Items (Signature box resized)

    1. The signature box has been resized to take up lass space ont he screen and minimize any scrolling needed.

  12. Warranty Report changes

    1. Some rarely used filters have been removed form the report to “de-clutter” the filters section of the page.

    2. Some toggle switch filters have been changed to a “status” dropdown. Where the status can be selected.(again to limit clutter)

    3. Delivery date toggle switch has been addde to easily change the report basis from Order Date to Delivery Date.

    4. Model Price Column has been added to the data columns. This data will also be shown on the exported files.

  13. Tax Exempt Icon

    1. A new icon has been created to better identify Tex-Exempted Customers at a glace. You will find this new icon on Quotes/Orders and the Customer page. This icon may be used in other ares in the future.

  14. Date and time(top left corner)

    1. The welcome message at the top left of the home bar has been replaced by the Date & Time.

  15. Routing Page improvments

    1. A “resend email” button has been adde to the top of each truck near the driver names. This new button will allow one click re-sending of driver emails for a specific truck. (for times when gmail does not cooperate with our automated emails)

    2. A new “unroute stop” button has been added inside the “see details” popup menu. When clicked, the sto will move the Unrouted stops section and will no longer be assigned to a Truck& Driver.

  16. Invoice Printing & Download menu improvement

    1. The menus used to Print & Download Quotes/Orders have been redesign to be easier to navigate and take less space on the screen.

  17. Copy Email Button

    1. A new button has been added to Quote/Orders. This button will be next to the email in the billing & Delivery section. Clicking this button will copy the email to the clipboard, and can then be pasted anywhere easily.

  18. Commission Report (wording changes)

    1. Some small wording changes were mdae on the commission report.

  19. Quote/Order improvements

    1. Product Photo have been added to the description section on expanded line items. Pictures where previously only used inside the search box.

    2. Shipping and Deliver edit buttons have ben relocated to be more clear.

    3. A warning message has benen adde to the billing/Delivery edit popup menu to clearly warn the user what they are editing.

  20. Routing page (new install icon)

    1. A new icon has been added to the routing page that will assist in identifying installs at a glance. Hovering over this icon will show the Qty of installs on that specific stop.

  21. Payment Breakdown Report new column

    1. “Recorded By” Column has been added to easily identify the user who record each payment shown on the report.

  22. Install Settings Search bar

    1. A search bar was added to the Install settings page to assist in finding specific installs for editing.

  23. Warranty popup on Quote/Orders

    1. Custom warranties feature has ben removed and only Pre-set warranties willnow be available.

    2. Warning messages have been added for various situations where a warranty purchase may not be available for specific product categories.

  24. Truck Auto-complete feature(beta)

    1. A new feature has been developed to combat the issue of drivers not completing out the their route for the day. IF ALL fields are properly filled in by the driver for all stops then the route will close itself at 10pm local time. IF the driver has not entered all of the required info then the route WILL NOT automatically close out. This feature is the first attempt to combat a common issue, this feature is subject to change based on continued feedback on delivery routing.

  25. Location drop down menus

    1. All location drop down menus throughout the POS have been changed to be sorted alphabetically.

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