1.) Commission Report

  • You are now able to edit, update, or add the cost of products directly on the commission report.

  • Any products that do have a zero cost will be discluded from the commission report until they are updated.

2.) Payment Breakdown Report

  • Transaction ID (Check #, Approval Code, etc.) now show on this report

  • Customer name now shows on this report

  • You can now export this report into a PDF or CSV

3.) Warranty Report

  • You can now view warranties by delivery date vs date paid

4.) Account Receivables Report

  • General improvements have been made to the account receivables report to comply with general accounting logic.

  • A search bar has been added to filter specific clients

5.) Spiff Report (New Report)

  • A new report to easily claim spiffs has been added. Use this report to copy and past all the information you need to file your spiffs

6.) My Orders & Quotes Page

  • The delivery address is now added to my orders and my quotes page

7.) Credit line user permission

  • You can now allow only certain team members access to add credit lines for customers.

8.) Scan-in History

  • General enhancements have been made to this report to allow better clarity and access to vital information

9.) Inventory Headers

  • The inventory headers are now sticky so you can see them at all times while you scroll down the screen

10.) Order (PDF)

  • Service calls will now show in the PDF invoices

11.) Blockchyp emails

  • The salesperson will now automatically be CCD on all blockcyp payment emails

Other general enhancements, bug fixes, and changes have been made around the platform.

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