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June 9th, 2022 Feature Update
June 9th, 2022 Feature Update

See what new features and improvements were released for our June 9th, 2022 update.

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Sales Tax Report:

The Sales Tax Report has returned with an entirely new format. This report is now designed to handle both MO and IL sales tax reporting needs.

Delivery Methods Settings Redesign:

The delivery method settings have been reorganized. This new format will allow us to more easily add additional settings in the near future. (We already have some planned)

Location Settings Store Hours:

The Locations settings now contain controls for setting the store hours on the website. Note: This feature will only affect companies currently using our website.

Ecommerce (auto-reserve):

A new backend rule has been added to the system for the website that will automatically reserve inventory when an order is placed online. If there is no inventory then auto-reserve features will not activate. Note: these features will only affect companies currently using our website.

Transfer Inventory Feature (condition changing):

You can change the condition of items while transferring now. Simply click the pencil icon on the transfer screen after scanning the item. Important Note: the stock movement on this type of transfer may be confusing at first.

Quotes/Orders Instant Rebate Button:

The instant rebate button has been relocated inside “Record Payment Popup”. The functionality & display format of Instant rebates has been completely retained.

Tax Exempt (Resale):

New features have been added to support the documentation of “Resale” vendors. These vendors will be subjectt to the same rules and requirements that govern the tax exempt features that already exist. You can update any existing customer info to account for their “Resale” status at any time.

Notifications (for e commerce):

A new notification has been added specifically for online orders. This notification is a slightly different format than the in-store version. Please ensure it has been set up to your liking. Note:These features will only affect companies currently using our website if activated.

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