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June 16th, 2022 Feature Update
June 16th, 2022 Feature Update

See what new features and improvements were released for our June 16th, 2022 update.

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My Quotes/My Orders Search improvements

The search bar on these two pages will now let you search more than customer names. Items included below:

Order/Quote #

Customer name

Address (billing and shipping)

Phone number


Model #

By using the search bar on the correct page you will get results faster because the system will only be searching your records, instead of ALL records. Please try it out

This feature will also help salespeople push items that have had their price reduced. Simply search the model # and all quotes that contain it will show up. Then you can inform those customers of the lower price to close the sale.

Email Orders(multiple emails)

When emailing an invoice to a customer you can now separate the emails address with a COMMA to send it to multiple people.

Important note: this feature has not been implemented throughout the POS. Please try it out when emailing quotes/orders. Let me know if you would like this feature in other places.

Notification settings (email type)

All email notifications have had their syettings updated to allow the user to attach a document to the email. This can be any document that you would like. Note: this feature is not available for SMS notifications.

Warranty Report

The email addres column has been added. This info will also be ont he exported/printed copies.

Duplicate Order to new Quote feature

We have added a feature so that users can duplicate current orders to a new quote with a button inside the “Select Action” menu.

Truck scanning out page

Two columns have been added. Location & Condition.

Returns in the changelog

Reutrns will now be shown in the changelog with the usual information.

Transferring inventory

When transferring inventory the user can now change the condition at the same time. Click the pencil icon after an item is scanned and you can change the condition before processing the transfer.

Un-Paid Credit Lines

UUn-paid Creit lines nw have a new icon and warning message tha will be visible throughout the different menus on the order itself. Specifically, the scheduling popup so users can identify un-paid creit lines before scheduling delivery.

Notification Center(expanded view)

Expanded view for the notification menu now has a proper close button directly in the middle.

Warranty Widget(total Profit)

The dashboard widget has been updated to show Warranty Profit instead of revenue.

Place in Queue(on the order page)

You can now see the “Place in Queue” information when inspecting “On Order” items on your orders by clicking the icon.

Inventory Popups

The various popups in inventory will now more accurately show you which item you are viewing.


All reports should now open “clicked” orders in a separate tab. Instead of leaving the report page.

Damage Reports/Allowances

User will no longer be amble to delta damage reports/allowances once they have been resolved. Records will be permanently saved.

Account Credit History

The account creit history has been moved to be in line with the current account credit balance. This should make it easier to find. (more features coming soon for account credits)

Settings tiles

All the tiles have now been arranged alphabetically. To assist in navigating the many tiles.

Photo Zoom Feature

You can now zoom-in on photos.

E-commerce (auto reserve stock)

Whena customer places an order on our website the system will now automatically reserve the stock that is needed. If there is none. It will not be reserved.

This feature can be turned off in the e-commerce settings.

This feature will only affect companies that are using our website.

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