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June 23rd, 2022 Feature Update
June 23rd, 2022 Feature Update

See what new features and improvements were released for our June 23rd, 2022 update.

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Changelog for 6/23/2022

Warranties and Installs paid date.

Warranties and installs will now show on the report for the date they were paid for instead of the original order date.

Serial field for NOT NEW items

A serial field is being added throughout the POS so that items that are not NEW can be serialized and priced accordingly.

When reserving serialized items on the order you will now need to select the correct serial # from the available items.

Extra inventory requests

Now, when extra requests are added for an inventory item those extra requests are shown on the Order Reports so that they can be exported with the rest of the request for even easier ordering of extra product. These requests will not have an order # attached and will be available to be reserved once in “On Order” status.

Commission report

The warranty profit column has been added to make it easier to complete salesperson payouts all on one page.

Price settings: Reset manually priced items button

This new button in the price settings will allow you reset all manually priced items for a brand with one click. Price will revert to that brands current price rules.

Review Email Notifications

The review email has been added to the Customer notifications settings. This notification can now be customized freely.

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