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July 7th, 2022 Feature Update
July 7th, 2022 Feature Update

See what new features and improvements were released for our July 7th, 2022 update.

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Changelog 7/5/2022

Accounting Summary Report: Select All

On the Accounting Summary Report, you can now filter by all locations at once. This change was made to support businesses that have a different structure. Some companies have each store as a separate individual company, some companies have all locations under the same company name.

Driver App: 2 improvements

Reschedule Improvements

Some improvements have been made to allow drivers to reschedule a full stop all at once. (this feature was requested by many drivers, be sure to let them know)

Inventory Location

Inventory location will now be shown on the dashboard of the driver app to help drivers locate pieces that have not been loaded on the truck.

Profit Report: Unreserved items

The profit report will now warn you when you encounter an item that has not yet been reserved in inventory. The warning "This item is not yet reserved in inventory." will show and the cost will be uneditable since it cannot be calculated.

Returned inventory page

The desired location can now be selected when resolving inventory items.

The “Returned By” column has been added to identify the user that completed the return.

Unreseving inventory

When unreserving inventory the system will now prevent you from doing so if the item is currently scheduled for delivery. A warning message “Please set the delivery status to open to fully unreserve this item.” will show.

Reschedule notes

The notes from reschedules will now show in the main notes section as a delivery note.

Delivery Complete Customer notification

This notification will now automatically include the PDF of the delivery details.

Revenue Report

The totals at the top of the page have been reformatted to take up less space and be easier to read.

Commission report

The condition column has been added.

Delivery Routing Dashboard Widget

Phone # has been added to the tiles to make it easier to reach out to customers quickly about their delivery.

Customer records

Customer records will now be organized by lifetime value. Formerly the records were kept chronologically leading to useless data being shown on the screen.

Damage Reports Pictures

We have updated the damage reports in the POS to show the Pictures that were taken by the Driver.

Online Home tab

This tab has been renamed “Appointments” to reflect the most frequently used feature. All other features have been eliminated.

Leaderboards Home Tab

This home tab has been eliminated due to redundancy with reports. Reports can be used to see where everyone ranks. Only the dashboard widget will remain (top 5)

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your continued feedback!

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