Changelog 7/14/2022

Subtotals section on orders

The subtotal section has been reformatted to remove redundant info.

The payment bubbles have been changed to a different color to reflect the payment type.

Refund Notes

The notes box when completing a refund is now required, a minimum of 10 characters. Refunds are not the same as Returns, and both now require notes.

Accounting Summary Report

The tiles have been color-coded.

A new tile for Account Credits has been added.

Routing Widget

The routing widget now displays the day of the week(Monday, Tuesday, etc..).

Schedule Widget

Dates where the route has been locked by management now show a locked icon on the tile. The functionality of this feature has not changed.

Fully Delivered Models on the order

When an item is completed/delivered the line item will now show in green with the serial #s listed on the line item.

Warranty Report

The warranty report has been reformatted to include more information. This new info will have its own column. Page will scroll horizontally to make room for these new columns.

Driver app

Stop 1 has been restructured to share the same flow as all other stops on the route.

Return to warehouse page has been restructured to remove a step and make it easier for drivers to remember to finish their routes.

Start a Quote

New features for auto-fill have been added to the delivery info section when creating a quote. You can use this feature to auto-fill specific fields from the billing section.

Blockchyp Payment Links

Payment links can now be canceled to make changes to the quote.

The system will now prevent all other forms of payment while the payment link is active. Cancel the link to change payment methods.

Registering model #s

We have added a toggle switch to the Register Model # feature. This switch will allow you to correct the Barcode and UPC fields if they have changed from the manufacturer. Category and brand info will not be editable.

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