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July 21st, 2022 Feature Update
July 21st, 2022 Feature Update

New features for the update planned to go live on July 21st 2022

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Changelog 7/21/2022

Website Automatic delivery fee

The website will now have an automatic delivery fee for orders under $399.99. This will only affect clients using our website.

Install settings

The install settings now have additional filter options that will allow you to get more specific about which installs are available for which groups of products.

Reschedule improvements

The serial number will now be retained when a reschedule occurs

Returned inventory improvements

Unreserving an item with a serial number will now display a warning message that must be filled in to successfully unreserve the product. Users will have two choices, “Flag item for inspection”, or “place back in inventory”.

The resolve popup on the returned inventory page will have now additional fields for description and serial number and pictures.

Order Reports

Sold Price Column has been added

Manual Stops improvements

The manual stop system has been adjusted to make it more clear what needs to be entered at the creation stage. The following areas have been adjusted as well accommodate the same changes:

Routing page

Driver app

Pick sheets

Driver report

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