Changelog 7/28/22

User permissions update

User permissions have been overhauled.

All users must now be assigned a role. ASAP




Store managers

Delivery manager

Office Employee

Sales team

Warehouse/Delivery team

Third-Party (Installer)

Third-Party (Accounting)

These roles are not customizable. Any changes to roles (or new roles) must be requested as new features.

New permissions:

Some new permissions have been created to limit access to certain features. The following features are limited to mostly SuperAdmins and Store managers.

Quote/Order reassign(for commission purposes)

Add-on Price-Override(Install/Warranty/Delivery/Haul-away)

Credit Lines Access

Returns on Orders

Account Credit Returns

Delivery Auditor(also available for delivery managers)

Order Auditor(order dates, payment dates & amounts, delete orders)(super admin only)

New features:

Account credit returns

Anyone can now return an existing account credit to cash or check. This feature is accessible on the customer page. Any returns will be shown in the account credit history.

Credit line return flow

The Return flow has been updated for credit lines. Users must now “refund” all partial payments towards the credit line before a true return can be completed. This is the same process as returning a normal deposit.

Payment threshold settings

New settings have been created to set limits on how much money can be accepted by each payment method. This is designed to prevent accepting too much money through the desired channel without manager approval. Thresholds can be temporarily raised to allow individuals to make a payment with manager approval. You must remember to lower the limit afterward.

Credit line rule change

Previously credit lines were unavailable if ANY payments had been made on an order. Now if ALL prior payments have been refunded credit lines will be available.

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