Changelog 9/01/2022

Commission Report

We have removed all warranty profit info from this page. We cannot facilitate a change that combines sales profit and warranty profit on the same page.

The “By Delivery Date” Tab now shows the actual delivery date instead of the delivery status.

The “By Delivery Date” tab has a new filter to help companies like Slymanbros convert to a by-delivery payment structure. This filter will allow you to exclude all orders created before a certain date. Ideally, you would enter the starting date of the first pay period on this payment structure. This filter will be used until it no longer has any effect on the total commission payments of all individuals. We will help identify that point in the future.

Sell Through Data Report

Excel download features have returned for use with certain brands. Please provide feedback about this feature and any possible improvements.

Deliveries Page: Zipcode Search

A new feature for searching the zip codes of upcoming delivery schedules has been implemented. A small search box that was rarely used has been repurposed for this feature. Simply type zipcodes into the search box. A popup will be displayed showing the result of the search. Results will show all upcoming dates that contain the zipcode that was searched. Multiple zipcodes can be searched at once to allow for searching entire areas at once.

Scan-out page:

The condition column has been moved next to the model # column

Sales Tax Report

This report will now default to the full previous month to match what was previously the most common filter choice.

Order changelogs

We have updated a few of the changelog data points to better show changes made to billing/delivery info changes on the order. The prior version was not very informative.

We have eliminated the white space on the left side of the popup to make room for lengthy changelogs.

Autofill Buttons

We recently added autofill buttons when creating a quote for a new customer. We have updated these buttons to take up less space than the prior version.

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