Changelog 9/8/2022

Automated House Deal Feature

The automated house deal feature that was affecting all online orders has been removed. Salespeople can now make a commission on Online Orders. Any order can be marked as a house deal to remove commission for that order.

Driver App:

Customer estimates on the dashboard stop tiles

Drivers will now be able to view customer estimates within the driver app.

Driver Notes

Driver notes are now an entirely internal function that can be used by drivers to relay info back to salespeople better than the previous version. Driver notes will appear in the main notes section on orders instead of the delivery details of each item. Currently, a notification is in development but will not be ready for this update. Customers will no longer be able to see these notes.

Routing page:

Notes Features

Notes can now be created and viewed on the routing page before loading the whole route. These notes can be used in any way that is deemed necessary. These notes are not public to all users. Only users with access to the routing page can currently view these notes.

Total Stops

Total stops data is now shown as a fraction of Routed/Unrouted stops (Green/Red).

Show on map features

These features have been moved and reformatted slightly to use less space on the screen.

Truck Buttons

The truck buttons have been resized and other features have been added. (see below)

Lock Stop/Truck

Individual stops & entire trucks can now be locked to their current configuration. This can be undone by anyone with access to the routing page. Using any of the “Shortest distance” buttons/features will not move a locked stop/truck.

Reverse button

This button has been moved out of the small menu that was being used before. This menu has then been completely removed.

The “Steps”

The “steps” shown on the routing page have been changed to make more sense. The function has not changed.

More Space!

More room has been created to show 4 trucks in the first row.

Delivery Method Settings Start times

Start times can now be saved in the settings. Any start time can be used. 7am-9am is recommended. These are customized for each individual delivery method. NOTE: Delivery reminder notification settings will correspond to these new start times.

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