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September 15th, Feature Update
September 15th, Feature Update

This article details the feature added don September 15th.

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Changelog 09/15/2022

Sales KPI report

The Sales KPI report is making its debut in this update. This report is designed to automatically track various sales performance metrics. More stats can be added in the future.

NOTE: This report will be empty for some data points till future data can be collected. Super Admin, Buyer, and Store Managers can access this page.

Sales Tax Report

The “By Delivery” tab is now available. Items with no delivery status use the paid order date.

Revenue Report

The “By Delivery” tab is now available. Rules match sales tax reports.

My Reports: Spiffs

The My Reports tab now has a tab for your spiffs. This page will show only your own spiffs. Please provide feedback about the usefulness of this page when submitting your spiffs to the manufacturer.

Spiff Reports (all)

The spiff reports now group items by order number if they share a delivery date or range.

Some columns have been swapped to make more sense.

Rows can be copy/pasted by clicking the data in the following columns.

Order #

Delivery date

Model #

Sale Date

Serial #


Reports Tab

The Reports tab has been reorganized. Access to various pages has not changed.

Tax-exempt permissions

Adding Tax-Exempt info to customers will now be locked behind the SuperAdmin role. NOTE: currently existing quotes/orders can not yet be updated to reflect tax-exempt status. This is not considered a bug. Tax-exempt info must be collected and entered prior to quote creation for correct pricing.

Account Credit History

The Username Column has been added.

The order number column has been updated to be more informative for returns.

Credit Limit Lowering

Any user with access to the credit line creation features can now lower credit limits to the currently in use amount. If none of the credit is in use then the credit line can be deleted.

Commission Report Printed Copies

The format has been adjusted to improve readability on printed copies.

Install Settings Page

Category filters have been added to allow for better sorting of installs when making adjustments.

A Toggle switch has been added to hide installs that are currently not being offered by the company.

Driver App Lockout Update

The Driver app lockout has been updated to allow users to edit the delivery status of “in-transit” deliveries left open by the driver from the day prior. The status will be locked during the date of delivery, if the date passes the temporary lockout will be disabled and the item can be marked delivered. All routes and trucks should be checked for completion status daily.

Customer Data Exporting Feature

The Customers page now has an export button that will export all customer data to a CSV file that can be converted to a spreadsheet or uploaded directly in some situations. This will be used primarily for marketing purposes.


Returns now require the user to select the item, QTY, and $ amount. Nothing will autofill. This change was to prevent users from verifying the QTY before processing the $ amount.

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