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New feature update for September 22nd.
New feature update for September 22nd.

This articles covers the features and changes in the update going live on September 22nd.

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Changelog 9/22/22

Inventory Page:

On Order PO # Edit

PO #’s can now be edited at any time that an item is on order within the on-order popup.

Returned Inventory Page Name Column

The returned inventory page will now have an additional column for the customer name.

Add inventory

The back-ordered checkbox is now available on this page similar to how it is shown on the order reports controls.

Inventory Filters

We have updated the filters on the inventory page to match the functionality of the website. This change will affect all companies even when not using the website. We expect many issues with these filters. Please provide as much feedback as possible. The search box will remain the priority function in the event of issues.


Scan out Page:

Serial boxes

The serial # box in the table display will now always be available so that items with no box can be more easily scanned out. (this is equivalent to a bolt-on cold air intake for Patty)

Scan out page reformatting.

We have reformatted the page to better fit the type of deliveries being scanned out. Routed Deliveries, Non-routed deliveries, and Pickups will all have their own scan-out format. (this is equivalent to a bolt-on turbo for Patty)


Reserving Out of box items

This process will now show the intended selling price that was saved in inventory instead of the cost. The prices do NOT need to match.

Company Cost setting

After much discussion between both companies, we are adding the option in company settings to make cost an always visible stat in inventory. This can be used at the discretion of each company. I will be activating it for Mark's Appliances to confirm that everything is working properly.

Main search bar Customer search

The main search bar has been improved to better show orders that may be getting delivered to a customer that is not yet a part of the customer records. Headers will be present to filter the results of the search like “Orders (delivery)” or “Orders (billing)”. Note: This will not add the customer to the records which must still be done manually and the order will not show as “their” order. This issue will be addressed in the distant future after some website features relating to the issue have been resolved.

Install returns

The installs tile in the subtotal section on orders will properly reflect returns with a line through the returned install. This was in response to a few rare situations.

House Deal Active Icon

The House Deal Active icon has been improved to be less confusing. (small change)

Scheduling Delivery Controls

The inventory location box has previously been editable when scheduling delivery but is no longer. This is to prevent bugs and avoid confusion for new users. You should not notice any difference in this process.

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