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New Feature Update October 20th, 2022.
New Feature Update October 20th, 2022.

This article contains the features and improvements made on October 20th, 2022.

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Changelog 10/20/2022

Urgent Notice

The following features are very high risk to the stability of the platform.

On Order Flow

We have identified several instances that break the rules we initially designed for the On Order inventory system. For months we have been recreating this system to work as intended. We consider this particular change to be extremely high-risk. All users on the platform should be extra vigilant of inventory reservation errors, and scan-in errors.

PO Scan-in Redesign

The PO scan-in page has been updated to be far more useful. We have also updated its abilities with a new “FIFO” feature that blends the features from the other scan-in page into one seamless page. This will allow you to bring items in by PO and Cost but take the oldest order for that appliance. This will enable true cost inventory and commission. Every user should be aware that reserving a different unit in inventory has the possibility of altering the total profit margins of a sale prior to delivery. These instances should be closely monitored.

This FIFO feature can be turned off to return the page to its original function.

Requests in inventory

Requests in inventory can now only be fulfilled through one location. That location can be set on the Location Settings page.

Product Page

The product page has been updated with new stats to better help track the history of each appliance. Additional improvements will be made to this page based on recent feedback. Please keep a lookout for those changes in the near future.

Monthly ordering average. (# purchased from manufacturer)

Available warranties(with the prices)

Available installs(with the prices)

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