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New Feature Update for October 27th, 2022.
New Feature Update for October 27th, 2022.

This article contains the features and improvements made on October 27th, 2022.

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Changelog 10/27/2022

Pricing & Delivery Zones

Some features have been added to the delivery settings that will allow companies to set up various zones that will limit the ability to deliver in those areas. These zones will need to be set up manually, this will take 25 minutes to an hour. I will be available for assistance in setting these up.

This is a very high-risk update and may functionally break Delivery Routing for a day or two. We do not expect the existing routes to have any issues.

Pricing Rules Settings

Two rules can be set up for each brand in the settings. One for the normal price, and another for the sale price. Each brand will vary and these can be adjusted at any time.

Custom Brands & Categories

We have created a method for adding items to the POS that are not appliances (ie. part of the appliance database) so they can be sold under their proper names and categories. These will need to be created and managed manually. Examples include: grilling accessories, cooking gadgets like thermometers, and dishwasher soap.

Warranty Report

The warranty report has been updated to include a separate filter for Mulberry warranties.

Warranty Settings

Epic Warranty features have been hidden since they are no longer in use.

Install Settings

The option to hide specific installs from the website has been added

Warranties on Orders

Companies using Mulberry will be forced to use those options.

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