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New feature update for November 3, 2022.
New feature update for November 3, 2022.

This article contains the features and improvements made on November 3rd, 2022.

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Changelog 11/3/2022

Customer Info Alternate Addresses.

We have updated the customer records system to allow for customers to have multiple delivery addresses. This process and its features are modeled after the most common online shopping features and should feel familiar. You will be forced to select the delivery address when creating quotes for existing customers.

Customer Info Alternate emails

We have updated the customer records system to allow customers to use multiple email addresses. There will be a main email and any number of alternate emails can be added. Alternates will be CC'ed on all email notifications. This will be helpful for Builder customers that have multiple employees that need the order notifications, these employees can be added as alternates.

Accounts Receivables Aging Summary Report

The credit Line Terms Column has been added

The Time Period filter has been added. (1-30, 60-90, etc) can multi-select.

The totals of each column have been added along the bottom.

Sales By Product Report

The category filters have been added to the top of the page.

A column has been added for average profit. (average profit is affected by the time period filter choice.)

The totals tiles have been added to the top of the page.

Orders Feed Report

Some toggle switches have been updated to be a drop-down menu.

Order Reports History

Renamed the tab to "Order Reports History"

Data will no longer be removed from this page when the item is scanned in.

The data columns are unchanged.

The data will be saved permanently like other log pages.

Filters are unchanged and can be used to filter the data.

Removed editing abilities for data columns, items can be updated in inventory directly.

Customer Page

The Status column has been improved to better display the total completion of the order.

Inventory Page

A filter has been added for product status (active, discontinued, custom). To help those team members that are looking for these products in inventory.

Quotes Feed report

A model search box has been added to help find older quotes from all salespeople. Similar to the model search on “My Quotes”.

Duplicate to Quote feature on Quotes

The feature has been updated to match the newest style and features on Orders. Only the old version was previously available on quotes.

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