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New Feature Update for November 17th, 2022.
New Feature Update for November 17th, 2022.

This article contains the features and improvements made on November 17th, 2022.

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Changelog 11/17/2022

All Reports: Exporting To Excel

Most of the Reports in can now be exported to Excel for the convenience of those users that utilize Windows and Excel. This feature is targeted at the various bookkeepers and accountants that access

Income Statement Report

Sales Tax Report

The two tabs “By Date Paid” and “ By Delivery Date” have been renamed to “Cash Basis” and “Accrual Basis” Respectively. These changes were made on both reports listed above.

Sales Tax Report

Location addresses have been added to the left side with each respective location.

Floor Model Planner Report

The Picture Column has been removed.

Warranty Report

The warranty report now has pages similar to every other report.

Driver App Links: Improved delivery & timing of email

The system was sending many duplicate emails to drivers that have now been eliminated. Driver email links go out with the customer delivery reminders the day before. Allowing time to alert a manager if there is a malfunction. Driver email links can still be “Resent”.

My Orders page

The following tabs have had a Profit Column added. This change is designed to help salespeople get a gauge of the dollar amounts sitting at each stage of delivery. This allows each salesperson a better forward look into the effects on their future commission.

“Schedule Delivery”

“Pending Delivery”


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