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Model Changes on Orders Guide

This is a guide to Model Changes on Orders in

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This is a guide to Model Changes on Orders in

In orders cannot be edited like in other software platforms. Items(appliances) cannot be added to orders if they were not originally included in the quote. Only Installs, warranties, and haul-away can be added after the original sale. This is done to limit the number of adjustments that need to be made on the bookkeeping side.

However, model numbers can be changed if the new model is of equal or lesser value than the original model.

If you are reading this guide and the new model is a lower value than the original you will want to educate yourself on partial returns as well. That guide can be found here.(link here)

If you are reading this guide and the new model is a higher value than the original you must stop here and complete a full return for the original item. The new item must be on a new quote. The guide for full returns can be found here. (link here)

Customers may change their minds to a different model at any moment, or they will discover they needed gas, not electric. These situations can sometimes be resolved with a simple model change.

Start by opening the order in need of a model change.

In this example, we will demonstrate with an order that has already reserved an item in inventory.

This is easily identified by the warehouse icon being lit up

In order to change the model number, we must unreserve this item.

Open the check stock menu and select “Unreserve”.

This will allow access to the model number edit button.

Click it. A popup will open.

In the Product box the current model will be auto-filled. Change this to the new model.

The condition can also be changed inside this menu. For model changes, this is often not necessary. Condition changes are most commonly used to correct mistakes

Select save.

The model will update on the order to the new model.

If the new model is a lower price than the original then a “Partial Return” will be required to complete this process. To learn more about Partial Returns click here. (link Here)

The model change is now complete and the inventory can now be reserved.

This is the end of the model change guide.

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