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The Commission report requires monthly verification from management to ensure that all items are appropriately calculated into the current pay period.

This commission report is designed to provide actual true profit for each item. This means reserving a different unit may impact the profit margins of an entire order in rare circumstances.

If an item is in inventory but does not have cost data saved then profit cannot be calculated and the item must be excluded from the commission totals till the cost has been updated.

Some companies may exclude sales under specific dollar amounts. This can be customized to any specific amount.

Most users will not have access to the full commission report.

To access the commission report select reports from the home bar across the top of the page.

Then select Commission from the right side under the accounting header.

This page is separated into two tabs. Each is designed for a different commission payout structure.

By Payment Date- This report will include items on the commission report once they have been paid in full by the customer. Note: orders/items will not be included till inventory has been reserved.

By Delivery Date - This report will include items only once they have been delivered.

The Commission report rules will be displayed at the top of the page. These will always be active.

This first section covers the By Payment Date version first.

This page has a date filter to select the date range for commission. This will always default to the current month.

The location filter can be used to sort by store location.

The Exporting option on the right side will allow you to print the pay period if you desire.

The salespeople will be shown below if they qualified for commission in the current month.

If any returns have occurred for that salesperson they will be shown in red with a negative total profit. If the return occurred in the same month as the sale then both events will be shown on the current pay period.

The entire report must be completely cleared of all zero-cost items before the payout can be processed. If all zero-cost items have been corrected the warning message at the top of the page will disappear.

This next section will cover the By Delivery Date version of the commission report.

The By Delivery Date payout method has been identified as the superior payout structure. Any Company using the Paid in Full payout method would be greatly benefited from making the switch. This guide will cover how that can be done for the company.

The same date filter is present on this page.

The “Exclude Dates Before” filter is only used if the company is switching to this payment method. Selecting a date will exclude every order created before that date. This date will usually be the first day of the By Delivery Date payout structure switch. This filter will not be used if the company started with this payout method.

The same Exporting feature is present on this page.

The data displayed below will follow the same format as the previous page.

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