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Payment Methods Settings Guide
Payment Methods Settings Guide

This is the Payment Methods Settings Guide.

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This is the Payment Methods Settings Guide.

All payment methods must be set up properly to prevent users from abusing certain aspects of payment processing.

Navigate to the settings page using the button on the home bar across the top of the page.

Select the “Payment Methods” tile.

You will be presented with the page shown below.

On this page, all the payment methods have their own tile.

All tiles have a toggle switch and an amount maximum.

The toggle switch determines if the payment method will be active for employees to use. Turning one off will completely disable the ability to use that method to pay for quotes. Some methods should never be turned off.

The Payment Amount maximum determines the maximum amount the customer will be able to apply to their order using that payment method. This is designed to prevent the company from incurring excessive fees that come with some forms of payment. Some payment methods do not require a maximum amount and the feature is not available.

If the customer has reached the maximum with one payment method they will be forced to use a different method. These instances usually require finding the ideal method to take the first payment.

If set up properly, encountering a maximum will be rare.

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