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This is a guide to the Customer Page in

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This is a guide to the Customer Page in

The customer's page is the interface for interacting with the customer records.

Start by selecting the Customers Tab from the home bar across the top of the page.

The page has two tabs.

Individual - This page will list only individual customers.

Company - This page will list only company customers.

The various search boxes will allow you to search for specific customer data.

Selecting a customer will open the customer details page.

The personal billing and delivery details of the customer will be listed at the top.

The account credits tile will show any account credits the customer currently has.

Clicking the tile will open the entire account credit history.

Account credits can be refunded to the customer by cash or check.

Account Credits can be edited if there is any sort of errors.

The Credit Line tile will show the current credit line information if the customer has one.

The order history tile will show the entire order history for the customer. Note: All quotes that get completed will only be listed as orders. Quote, history is erased during the completion process.

The quote history will show all the quotes a customer currently has outstanding. Some of these quotes will have expired. Note: Many customers will have no quote history because the only quotes created have been converted to orders and completed.

Editing customer information is a complex process when there are existing quotes or orders. So we have created a separate guide to cover this process in detail. To learn more about editing existing customer information please click here. (link here)

Customers can be archived in the event there are duplicates.

This process should be done with the customer record that contains the least data.

If you attempt to archive a customer that has an open order you will be present with a warning message and will not be able to proceed. If you need help merging customer records. Reach out to support.

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