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Deliveries Page Guide
Deliveries Page Guide

This is a guide to the Deliveries Page in

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This is a guide to the Deliveries Page in

This page is designed as a worksheet for the warehouse team. The page also assists salespeople in getting more information about upcoming delivery routes.

This guide will cover the various uses and features of this page.

Start by selecting the Deliveries tab from the home bar across the top of the page.

The page has three tabs.

Deliveries tab - this is the main page for deliveries.

Routing Tab - This is the page where routes are created and managed. Only some users will have access to this page. This page will be covered in detail in another guide that can be found here. (link Here)

Scan Out Log - This page is a history of all the items scanned out. This can be useful when searching for scan out mistakes.

This guide will cover mostly the main page.

Scan Out Inventory Button - This page is used to scan out the items of delivery and will be covered in a separate guide. (Link Here)

The Date will be set to today's date by default. The arrows can be used to tab forward by one day at a time. Multi-select is not available.

The Delivery Method Filter can be used to sort the various delivery methods.

The Salesperson Filter can be used to sort the various salespeople currently listed in the system.

The Location Filter can be used to sort the various locations.

The Search Box can be used to search for customer names or order #s.

The Search Zip Code Box can be used to search all future routes for a zip code. An example search is shown below.

Click the Add button to add the zip code to the search. Multiple zipcodes can be added to search an entire area.

The popup will load.

The data will be displayed by Delivery methods & Date.

Each row will have the total number of scheduled deliveries and the remaining number of available slots for that Delivery Method & Date.

End Zip search example.

The Total Appliances Tile can be clicked to view the appliance category breakdown.

The complete list of deliveries that match the current filters will be displayed below.

The first column contains the Scanned status. This will update live as items are scanned out for delivery.

Warehouse workers can work a day ahead and the “Not Scanned” items will show at the top. Once all have been scanned then preparation for the next day of deliveries is complete. This process is covered in greater detail in the Scan Out Guide which can be found here. (Link Here)

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