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Account Creation
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This is a step-by-step guide for account creation on

Start by using the navigation bar at the top to open the Settings page.

On the settings page select the Employees tile.

This page is where employees can be created and edited. This page contains three tabs.

Active tab

This tab contains all active employees that are currently working at the company

Archive tab

This tab contains the records of past employees that no longer work at the company. Active employees can be archived at any time.

Our team tab

This tab is a page where the arrangement of team member tiles can be changed. These tiles are displayed on the website for companies using the website.

There are three buttons on the top right of the page.

User Permission

This is a shortcut button that will take you to the User permission page where employee roles can be edited.

Invite Employee

This feature allows you to send an invite via email. The recipient can then set up their own account off-site.

This feature will require you to enter a valid email address and select a role for this new employee. All other fields are completed by the new employee.

Create Employee

This button opens the employee creation menu. The rest of the guide will cover this menu.

To successfully create a new employee all fields must be completed.

  • First & Last Name(shown on website)

  • Job Title(shown on website)

  • Job Description(shown on website)

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone

  • Direct line

  • Default location

  • Role

  • Password

The following fields are optional and can be left blank

  • Photo

  • Display on website

Finally, once all fields have been filled in hit SAVE.

The employee has been created and can now log in using any device. I recommend forcing the new employee to demonstrate their ability to login on their device.

The employee information entered in the prior steps can be edited by returning to the Employee Settings page, then selecting the employee you would like to edit.

Password Changes

Navigate back to the employee settings page.

Then select the employee that needs a new password.

Hit the Change Password button in the top right of the page.

A page will load that can be used by the employee to create a new password for their account.

Users can also reset their own password at the login screen for

User roles has several preloaded user roles that should align loosely with the company structure. We have several guides to each role here in intercom(LINK).

To edit an employee's role navigate to the settings page.

Then select the User Permissions tile.

Then scroll down to the employee and use the drop-down menu on the right to edit their current role.

If there is no role that meets the needs of their personal responsibilities, reach out to support for help creating a new role. New roles must be created with the understanding that the new role must make sense and be useful for other companies in the industry.

Note: Roles cannot be individually customized from person to person. The reason is the massive amount of testing required to verify each person's custom permissions function is greater than the ability of the development team in its present state. Customizable roles may return in the future once better testing methods have been made possible. Currently, we are restricted to these preset roles.

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