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Custom models is a term used to describe a model that has not been registered in the Database. This occurs most often with new products.

Quotes are where most custom models begin. The customer purchases a product that has just been released and now it's time to enter it on a quote for the first time.

Start with a quote.

Then add a product.

The Custom Product button will be visible when typing in the model box.

Select it.

Enter the model number with only Numbers & Letters. No extra characters need to be used.

If the item is an item that requires tax. The tax toggle switch MUST be turned on. If the item is not taxable then leave the toggle switch off.

The Description of the item is then entered below.

Then complete the purchase with the customer. The salesperson's portion of this process is complete. They will not be able to request this model. A warning message will be shown on the “Check stock” popup.

Now we move to the inventory page.

A Manager will take over from here.

On the inventory page, select the “+ Receive Inventory” button.

Once on the page select the “Register Model Number” button. This will open a popup.

Scan Model from Barcode - this box is designed for a scanner gun. The barcode on the box may contain extra characters. Scanning the barcode into this box will tie the exact barcode to the model # we enter into the next box. This part is done once the model is finally received at the warehouse. Leave blank when first registering.

Model Number - This box will be filled with the exact model number. NO extra characters(-./*) or spaces.

UPC Code - The UPC barcode on the box can be scanned into this box to tie that UPC with the model number. This part is done once the model is finally received at the warehouse. Leave blank when first registering.

Model Name - This box will be filled with the name of the appliance. Ex “Whirlpool 32inch fancy dishwasher with the silly feature”

Brand Name - The model must be tied to an existing brand. If the brand you are looking for is not present there could be several reasons they are handled as follows.

If the item you are registering is an appliance from a brand that you have just started carrying at the company reach out to support immediately before continuing.

If the item you are registering is a new model from an existing brand, then select that brand from the drop-down and continue.

If the item you are registering is NOT an appliance(candle, meat thermometer, etc) then custom brand features may be necessary.

To learn more about how to create custom brands click here. (link here) If you have already set up some custom brands then select that brand from the drop-down and continue.

If a brand is not present and should be, reach out to support immediately before continuing.

Categories - fill in the category boxes as accurately as possible till you cannot go any farther.

Then save.

Now we return to the quote. Anyone can complete this portion but usually, the manager that registered the product will do this quickly for the salesperson.

Click the Pencil Icon to edit the Model Number. A popup will open. This popup is used for other purposes and the following instructions must be followed exactly.

The model number will already be present in the box, and if entered correctly with no extra characters you will not need to edit this. Otherwise, enter the recently registered model number.

Click the product box with the mouse.

The recently registered model will populate. Click it. It will appear as though nothing happened.

Then save.

The model will update to show the brand and the model name will be listed below if the row is expanded.

The item can now be requested from the manufacturer.

The register model feature can be used at any time for any reason. It is not required to wait till the item is sold to a customer to register it and add some to inventory.

Custom Models in Inventory

It is rare, but it is possible for a custom model to be in inventory. These will look different than the usual item.

There is a filter on the inventory page to filter for these.

Once active only custom models will show below.

Custom models are most easily identified by the edit icon next to the model number.

This icon can be clicked to tie all the items to a recently registered model. The same rules from above apply when registering a model.

Process for creating custom items in inventory.

The above event is preceded by an action on the “Receive Inventory” page. That action will be discussed here.

If a user miskeys a model number on the “by scanning” page when receiving inventory they will be notified with an icon next to the unrecognized model number.

Hovering over the icon will explain this further.

If you do not correct this model before processing the items into inventory a warning message will appear that must be cleared.

If you select “Bypass and continue” the system will add the model to the inventory as a custom model. That model must then later be corrected in order to be recognized by the system.

This is usually a mistake and the custom model is actually something else entirely and means that a separate model may now be 1 unit short. The scan in logs should be checked to find the source of the error.

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