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This is a guide to the My Quotes page in

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This is a guide to the My Quotes page in

The My quotes page is where all of “your” quotes can be found.

The page is arranged with two tabs and the order numbers are displayed below chronologically with the newest first.

The quote number can be clicked to open the quote in a separate tab.

The search bar can be used to search for customer info and model numbers.

At the bottom of the page is a totals section. This section totals the dollar value stats of the currently displayed quotes. Note: This will only total the items on the page. More items can be shown by changing the max sort on the bottom left of the page.

Quotes are divided into two categories. Active and Expired. All quotes start off as active with a two-week timer till they become expired.

Active tab - This tab will display all currently active quotes.

Expired tab - This tab will display all expired quotes.

Expired quotes can be reactivated by editing the expiration date directly at the top of the actual quote, or by editing any of the information contained within the quote.

Expired Quotes are never deleted.

If a customer makes a deposit on a quote. That quote will no longer expire. The “Expires On” column will show “Deposit Received” and the quote will remain on the active tab till the customer has paid the remaining balance due.

The Create new Quote button on the top right of the page is a shortcut to the quote creation page. One of many shortcuts to this page.

Editors Note:

My quotes page search bar has been identified as a powerful tool to increase conversion rate in price reduction scenarios. When a model experiences a price reduction salespeople can search that model on both active and expired tabs to identify easy sales. This has proven its ability to drive sales at a core level and if used in this way can improve overall sales performance for everyone.

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