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Returned Inventory Guide
Returned Inventory Guide

This is a guide to the Returned Inventory page in

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This is a guide to the Returned Inventory page in

Returned inventory is defined as an item that has gone out for delivery to a customer but has been returned or refused.

This process is designed to help keep track of, and inspect damaged inventory with the hope of being able to sell it again. Not all items will be able to be added back into inventory due to excessive damage.

There are two ways to put an item in returned inventory.

The first is simply returning a Delivered item. If that item is in the delivered status at the time of return then the item will go directly to the Returned inventory page. This item will not be able to be cleared out or added back into the inventory till it has been inspected.

Once on the returned inventory page, the returned items will be displayed in a table with the most recent item first.

The page has two additional tabs

The Pending tab holds items that have not yet been added back to inventory.

The Resolved tab holds all items that have been completed from the Pending tab. It will serve as a history.

Each tab has the relevant info for each item.

The blue Arrow button at the end of each row can be used to Resolve the item and either place the item in inventory or remove it completely.

A popup menu will open.

If the item is being removed and will not be sold again then only notes need to be entered and saved.

If the item needs to go back into inventory then change the first selection to “Yes, Put back”. Fill in the new condition of the item and its intended inventory location.

The item will move to the resolved tab and be placed back into the inventory.

This is the end of method one.

The second method to get an item on the Returned inventory page is a Driver app reschedule. Sometimes when an item is taken to the customer's home it is removed from the box while attempting delivery. If the delivery cannot be completed the driver will “Reschedule” the delivery.

Now the item has been removed from the box and is potentially damaged. The Driver app will notify the salesperson of the reschedule. The salesperson will have a choice.

Keep the item for this customer.

Or unreserve it and get a fresh one.

If the item is kept nothing needs to be done. The serial number used for the original delivery will still be in place and can be retained for the second attempt at delivery.

If the item is Unreserved the salesperson will be presented with a popup containing a few questions.

All fields are required on this popup.

First, select the serial number from the drop-down menu. There may be multiple. Be sure to select the correct unit.

Now we must decide to “Flag item for inspection” or “Place back in Inventory”

Each option has a short description to help inform the salesperson of the correct choice.

If place back in inventory is selected. The item will move directly to inventory and the serial number will become irrelevant.

If the Flag item for inspection is selected then an additional two fields will appear.

The reason for inspection will be filled out using the best info available about what occurred with that item.

The condition can be filled with the new condition of the item. Note: this is only a suggestion from the salesperson. The inventory team will have another chance to adjust the actual condition before adding back to inventory.

Then hit save.

This is the end of method 2.

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