This is a guide to Completed deliveries.

This guide will help you identify an order that has been completed.

Prior to completion, the “in-transit” status will become active. This status is only used for Routed deliveries that use the driver app. Pickups will never use this status.

This status indicates that the delivery team has pulled the item that will be going on the truck and the serial number has been saved.

The Driver app will be responsible for marking the completion of deliveries. Pickups follow a different process and that information can be found here.(link here)

Orders will be updated in real-time as they are completed by drivers and the icons will change for each line item on the order. The line item will also be shaded in green.

Serial numbers will be displayed directly on the line item. Line items containing more than Qty 4 will not be able to display all the serial numbers and the icon must be clicked to open the popup menu. Inside the popup, all the serial numbers will be visible.

Delivered items cannot be re-opened in the event of a delivery team mistake. Manager assistance will be required to correct this mistake. (link here)

Delivery Route Dashboard Widget

There is also a Delivery Route Dashboard Widget that can be viewed in real-time. This widget is covered in greater detail in the Widget Guide. (link here)

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