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Scheduling delivery on an Order
Scheduling delivery on an Order

This is a guide to Scheduling delivery on an Order in

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This is a guide to Scheduling delivery on an Order in

Pick-ups are a separate process and that guide can be found here. (link here)

This process cannot be started till inventory has been reserved (link here). The “Reserved Stock” icons that are shown on each line item will be flashing.

This means the item is ready for scheduling of delivery.

Click the icon to open the Scheduling popup.

On this popup, only the Delivery Method and Delivery Date need to be filled in to complete scheduling.

Select the method.

Then select the date.

Notice only future dates can be selected. These future dates will be available based on the delivery schedule availability. Some dates will already be full and unavailable. Some dates may be disabled permanently.

Once an available date has been selected the Status will change automatically to “scheduled” and move over to the second tab immediately.

The icon will carry the initials of the delivery method and stop flashing.

The delivery date can be edited with the pencil icon at any time. Only other available dates will be clickable.

Changing the status to “open” will reset the item.

To mark an item as delivered with a past date. Start by entering the delivery method that was used. Then set the status to Delivered. Then the system will allow you to select a past date only.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers can be left unaltered. has a process to automatically update this page with the serial number that was chosen for that customer by the delivery team. This process will take place without intervention from the salesperson. This process is not immune to human error and verification is sometimes required.

Split/Incomplete deliveries

The QTY can be adjusted to split up the delivery of multiple items to separate dates. This practice is heavily discouraged but it is allowed.

The Schedule Widget

To aid in the process of scheduling delivery a widget has been placed on the dashboard that can be used to look forward on the calendar at available dates. This widget serves the purpose of the digital delivery calendar and can be viewed by anyone. This widget and its controls are covered in greater detail in the Widgets guide. (link here)

This is the end of the process for scheduling delivery. The customer will begin to receive notifications relating to delivery. To learn more about the automated customer notification system please reference the Customer notification guide. (link here)

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