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Order Reports Guide
Order Reports Guide

This is a guide to the Order Reports page in

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This is a guide to the Order Reports page in

This page is where all requests can be fulfilled.

Across the top of the page are a series of filters.

This page is best used when sorted by brand. The other filters exist purely for sorting through the data to make inferences about patterns.

Below the filters is the data table. This will list the relevant info for each item request. The Qty requested will vary depending on how many were sold on the order.

The price is shown to help intercept high-cost products from being ordered in excess. A similar in-stock product can then be recommended to the customer.

Start by filtering by a brand.

Multiple brands can be selected.

Once the intended brands have been selected we can begin exporting the items.

This button will export the data for the selected brands and this data can be uploaded directly to the manufacturer ordering portal to make ordering company products a very simple process.

Once the order has been placed return the order reports page if it is not still open.

Ensure the brand filters are still set the same.

The select box next to “Date in” can be clicked to mark all of these items ordered at once.

Click the “Bulk Need To Order” button. A popup will open.

The purchase order # will be entered in the first box.

The availability of these items can be entered in either date box.

The “BackOrdered” check box can also be selected to mark the items as back ordered for everyone to see.

The cost must be entered for each item. Be careful to apply the correct cost to the correct model. 100% accuracy is vital.

This process can be done for individual items as well. Simply click the green arrow at the end of any row to mark that time ordered.

Clearing out this page daily will be required at some companies. Other companies may only order for some brands each day.

The “On Order” tab is a history of all the items that have been marked as ordered. That page will tell you who ordered each item.

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