This is a guide to the Transfer inventory feature in

This feature is designed to assist in the process of transferring inventory from one location to another.

Transfers can only be done in “one direction” at a time. Location A to Location B

Start by selecting the Transfer inventory button on the inventory page.

Then set the starting location of the current transfer. Then set the receiving location.

Then you have two choices.

Scan items with a scanner gun. Or Search for an order number.

If no results are found a popup message will appear.

If there are items in available stock they will be added to the list by Model #.

If there are items in reserved stock for an order they will be added to the list by Order #. The models in that order in that location will be shown in a list and can be selected. Select only the model being transferred.

The item will be added to the list.

More items can be added.

When all items have been added to the list select the “Process” button.

The transfer is now complete. This will be repeated for each location that is receiving items.

The Transfer Log is a history of all the transfers that have been completed.

This process may be completed on a daily or weekly basis. This process is best supported by using a google sheet to “schedule” each transfer list. The salespeople will create these lists for the warehouse team. The warehouse team will simply complete them. Reach out to support to learn how to better manage this process company-wide.

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