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Dashboard Widgets Guide
Dashboard Widgets Guide

This is a guide to all of the widgets found on the dashboard.

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This is a guide to all of the widgets found on the dashboard.

Leaderboards widget

This widget shows the history of sales data in a few categories. Each category serves a different purpose. Each one has filters at the top that can be adjusted to display certain data.

Statistics and My Qualified Commission

This widget will display the personal statistics of the current user. Employees that do not participate in sales will not need to use this widget.

My Appointment and Events

The website allows customers to book an appointment online with a salesperson. That appointment will be displayed here for that salesperson.

Company events can be created and saved. Those will also be displayed here.

Delivery Schedule

The Delivery Schedule widget is the digital delivery calendar. This widget can display the schedule of each delivery method. (if there are multiple)

The tiles will display the number of stops remaining for that day in green.

“Booked” in red means that the date has already been filled up with deliveries. It is important to note that additional items can be added to that date but the order must contain a scheduled delivery for that date.

“Locked” in red means that the Delivery team has closed the schedule for that date. No additional orders or items can be added to the route. Only managers can bypass this lockout.

For more information about delivery manager features click here. (link here)

Delivery Routing

This widget is a live look at the delivery trucks for today. The trucks and their deliveries are displayed in vertical columns with orders split into tiles.

The default Delivery Method will be auto-filled along with today's date. To see a different route select that delivery method from the drop-down

The arrows can be used to tab through other dates.

The search box can be used to find specific deliveries.

At the bottom is a “Show Map” button and when this is clicked the map will load at the bottom of the widget. This feature is less frequently used so the map is hidden by default.

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