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Receive Inventory Button Guide
Receive Inventory Button Guide

This is a guide to the process of receiving inventory in bulk.

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This is a guide to the process of receiving inventory in bulk.

Start by navigating to inventory and selecting the “Receive Inventory” button.

This page has three separate tabs, two for receiving items, and one for receiving history.

This first section will cover the “By Scanning” page.

This page was originally designed for use with a scanner. Although we no longer use a scanner gun this page is still used because of the core method of how items are received.

When an item is received using the page the item will be scanned in from the top of the “on-order queue”. The visual aid below further demonstrates this below.

The model number will be typed in the large box and can be processed in groups.

Once processed the item will move to the table shown below.

The Stock Qty can be adjusted if there are multiples of this unit.

Location and condition can not be changed. These will be locked to the set warehouse location in settings.

Selecting the “+Add Inventory” button will add the items to the inventory. All Qty should be verified before adding the inventory. 100% accuracy is vital.

The unvalidated models toggle switch will filter all the unvalidated models to the top so they can be corrected.

The entire batch can be named using the Report Name feature. Using the brand name is the most common. Today's date will be automatically entered.

This is the end of the guide to the bulk inventory process on the "By Scanning" page.

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