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Scanner barcode guide

This is a guide to how to fix a barcode for the scanner in

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This is a guide to how to fix a barcode for the scanner in

The scanner currently in use by is a very capable device that we dont get to take full advantage of. Setting this scanner up for the first time is not easy and cannot be covered in this guide. If you having issues using the scanner at all please reach out to support.

This guide is exclusively for the purpose of fixing a barcode on a box to make it scannable.

There are several barcodes that can be useful with the scanner.

We are looking specifically for a model barcode or a UPC barcode. Both are pictured below.

Some boxes may carry a QR code or a Model/Serial barcode. Both can be used but are significantly less reliable. Neither is used to set up a barcode/box combo.

UPC - This barcode is required by law on all consumer products. This barcode is often reused when the product is retired. Thankfully they are reused in other markets, not for appliances. This makes it the best and most reliable barcode for scanning.

Model - This barcode is exactly at its name suggests. The barcode is a literal translation of the model number into a barcode. The example pictured above also demonstrates this barcodes fatal flaw. The model “WDT750SAKZ” does not include a “0” but the barcode pictured if scanned will contain this “0”. This is called the series number. The series number is the number designation of the production run of that model. This number is relevant when servicing the appliance, but entirely irrelevant to inventory and the scanner.

The following step will cover how to deal with these “extra characters” or series numbers.

When an item that does not scan properly is encountered it may be best to enter it manually and finish what you are doing. Mark the item is some way so you know to return.

When you return to the item use your mobile device (Likely an ipad) head to the inventory page.

Then select the Recieve inventory button in the top right of the page.

Then select the Register Model Number button.

The popup will open.

Activate the toggle switch at the top of the popup.

This will allow you to modify the barcodes of an existing model.

Search the model you are trying to edit in the Model Number box.

The results will load.

If there are no results when searching stop and contact a manager.

The Scan Model from barcode needs to be edited by clicking the pencil.

Now use the scanner to the scan the barcode into the box.

Click the save icon.

If the UPC is not yet saved for this item it would be the best time to do this.

Click the edit icon next to the UPC field.

Once again use the scanner to scan the UPC barcode into the box.

Click the save icon.

Now both barcodes have been updated and the box should scan without issue.

This process may need to be repeated when the series number changes. Unfortunately, we cannot control when or how often this will happen for any given appliance. Being familiar with this process will save significant time during the scanning process.

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