This guide will cover the select action menu that is present on orders.

The select action menu has additional options that can be used for each order. In some cases using this menu will be required to fulfill the customer's needs.

Start by navigating to any Order.

In the upper right corner of the page will be the Select action menu.

The Itemize option is shown at the top and can be activated to provide the customer with an itemized copy of their order.

The Print, Email, and Download options are the same as on Quotes.

The changelog is also available in the same way as quotes. The changelog can be opened to view all the changes ever made to this order.

Service calls/Home Visits has a feature to allow the salesperson to schedule a service call at the customer's house. These service calls will be used for various delivery purposes.

This option will soon be growing to allow further types of “Home Visits”.




Clicking the Service call option will open a menu.

The salesperson will first select the delivery method. Only some methods will be available.

Then the desired date must be entered. The dates available will match the schedule availability for that delivery method.

Finally, enter a thorough description of the work that will be completed by the driver. Then save.

The service call will be added as a line item to the order. This will have its own completion status.

These can be edited or deleted using the button on the right side of the row.

Service calls will have their own guide covering them in greater detail. (link here)


Parts can be added to any order. These parts cannot be charged for. This is purely for reporting accuracy.

Click the Parts button to open the menu.

Click the Plus button to add an item.

The item details must now be added.

Select the model from the drop-down in the first column. This is the model that will be receiving the parts.

Fill in each field from left to right starting with the part number.

Damage Allowances

Damage allowances are a special system in that supports the process of reimbursing customers for damage to products or their homes. This process is usually started by the delivery driver within the driver app.

Sometimes a Customer will call the company to report the damage. This info should be logged using this system.

Click the button to open the Damage Allowance menu.

Click the Plus button to add a damage allowance event.

The details of the damage must now be entered on this popup menu.

Serial numbers can be left blank if the home was damaged.

The amount is the $$$ value the customer will receive back to them once resolved by management.

Date accepted and Driver name will be entered last.

Damage Allowances and Damage Reports will have their own Guide covering them in greater detail. (link here)

Once complete the part/service call/damage allowance has been successfully added to the order. The Select Action menu will have a red dot on the corner and inside the menu will be QTY icons.

Start A Quote

This button will immediately open a new blank quote for the same customer.

Duplicate to Quote

This option will allow the salesperson to duplicate an existing order or quote to a new quote. This can be done for the same customer, a different customer, or a new customer.

Start a Return

This option is only available to managers and is a complex process depending on the nature of the return. Sometimes the button will be unavailable and certain actions must be taken to allow a return.

The process will have its own guide that can be found here.(link here)

This is the end of the guide to the Select Action menu.

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