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Inventory Setup and Operation guide
Inventory Setup and Operation guide

This is a guide to the setup and operation of the inventory system in

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This is a guide to the setup and operation of the inventory system in

Before loading actual inventory into the system, a few things must be entered in the location settings.

Start by opening the location settings.

This page is where the company locations are managed any of these locations can hold inventory.

At the top of the page is the “Request location Default” and is the location that requests can be filled through. This should be set to the location where trucks drop off inventory at. All other locations will not utilize the request system to fulfill inventory requests.

If there are locations that are not present they must be added here before any inventory can be added to that location.

Click “Create New Location” to set up a new location.

If this new location is the warehouse the “Set as Warehouse” check box should be selected. This will ensure all items received will flow into the same location in inventory when received.

Inventory Operation

Request location default & Warehouse must be the same.

One employee will be responsible for managing requests and receiving inventory.

This employee will use the “Order Reports” page(link here) to fill requests and use the “Receive inventory” page (link here) to bring items into the warehouse location.

This process is automated in a few ways and is designed to take 20-25 hrs to manage for one employee per week. The automation aligns with the various stages inventory will go through.

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